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Bearing installation attention

Before the bearing installation should pay attention to what
  Bearing preparation
As the bearings are rust-proof and packaged, so do not open the packaging before the installation. In addition, the bearing on the anti-rust oil coated with good lubrication performance, for general purpose bearings or filled with grease bearings, do not have to wash directly use.
But for the instrument with bearings or for high-speed rotation of the bearings, the application of clean cleaning oil will be anti-rust oil wash, then the bearings easy to rust, not a long time to place.
  Inspection of shaft and housing
Clean the bearing with the shell and confirm that there is no scratches or mechanical burrs left behind. Shell must not have abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) sand, chips and so on. Second, check the shaft and shell size, shape and processing quality is consistent with the drawings. Before installing the bearing, apply the mechanical oil to the mating surfaces of the qualified shaft and the housing.

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