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Bearing installation method

Bearing installation method
The mounting method of the bearing varies depending on the type of bearing and the conditions of fit. As the general rotation for the axis, so the inner ring and outer ring can be used with the interference fit and clearance, and the outer ring rotation, the outer ring with interference fit.
(1) press fit installation
Press the installation of the general use of presses, can also use bolts and nuts, forced to use hand hammer to install.
(2) hot sets installed
The method of heating the bearing in the oil to expand it and then installing it on the shaft allows the bearing to avoid unnecessary external forces and complete the installation in a short time.
Heating Note:
1) Do not heat more than 100 degrees Celsius.
2) Do not allow the bearing to contact the bottom of the tank.
In addition, the thermal installation can also use the induction heating device to heat the bearing to expand and then installed on the shaft.
Bearing disassembly
Regular inspection or replacement of parts, the need to remove the bearing. Usually the shaft and bearing box almost always continue to use, the bearings are often to continue to use. Therefore, the structural design should take into account the removal of bearings, not to damage the bearings, shafts, bearing boxes and other parts, but also to prepare the appropriate disassembly tools. Remove the static fit with the ring, the tension can only be added to the ring, not through the rolling body pull the ring.

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