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What are the installation methods of bearings

Bearing installation method
The installation method of the bearing varies with the bearing type and the matching conditions. Because most of the shafts rotate, the inner ring and the outer ring can adopt interference fit and clearance fit, respectively. When the outer ring rotates, the outer ring adopts interference fit.
(1) Press-fit installation
Press-in installation generally uses a press, and bolts and nuts can also be used. When necessary, it can be installed with a hand hammer.
(2) Hot sleeve installation
热 The hot sleeve method of heating the bearing in oil to expand it and then installing it on the shaft can prevent the bearing from receiving unnecessary external forces and complete the installation in a short time.
Heating precautions:
1) Generally do not heat above 100 degrees Celsius.
2) Do not allow the bearing to touch the bottom of the oil groove.
In addition, the heating sleeve can also be installed on the shaft after heating the bearing to expand it by using an induction heating device.
Removal of bearings
轴承 When periodic inspection or replacement of parts, the bearing needs to be removed. Shafts and bearing housings are almost always used, and bearings are often used. Therefore, the structural design should take into consideration that when disassembling the bearing, the bearing, shaft, bearing box and other parts should not be damaged, and appropriate disassembly tools must be prepared. When disassembling a static-fitting ferrule, only pull force can be applied to the ferrule, and the ferrule cannot be pulled through the rolling body.

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