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What kind of bearing installation method are there

Bearing installation method

Bearing installation method for bearing type and matching conditions are different. Due to the more commonly as the axis of rotation, so the inner ring and outer ring can respectively USES the interference fit and clearance fit, the outer ring rotates, the outer ring USES the interference fit.

(1) pressure into the installation

Into general use press installation, also can use a bolt and nut, when forced to use hammer into the pack.

(2) thermal set of installation

Bearing in oil heating so that it has expanded again after installed on the shaft of the hot set method can avoid unnecessary force, the bearing in a short time, complete the installation.

Heating regulation:

1) generally don't heated above 100 degrees Celsius.

2) do not allow the bearing contact with the bottom of the tank.

Additional heat induction heating device can be used to heat the bearing installation so that it has expanded again after installed on the shaft.

The removal of bearing

Regular inspection or replacement parts, the need to remove the bearing. Usually shaft and bearing box almost all want to continue to use, bearing also tend to continue to use. Structure design, therefore, want to consider removing bearings, not damage the bearings, shaft, bearing housing and other parts, but also to prepare the proper removal tool. Remove the interference fit ring, can only add tension on the ring, not by drawing roller ring.

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