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Wheel bearing grease loss should be adjusted experimentally

With the continuous improvement of automobile quality in recent years, higher requirements have been put on the use performance of wheel bearing grease,
The general-purpose lithium-based grease used to meet the requirements of vehicle wheel bearings in most areas of China has a serious loss of fat loss during vehicle driving in plateau areas.
Combined with the loss of grease during the use of various types of grease used in wheel bearings for heavy-duty vehicle hub bearings in the plateau region, and the status of foreign standard test methods for the loss of grease bearings for automobiles! By adjusting the test temperature conditions, the grease bearing leakage was examined. The quantity test method is used to improve the distinguishing standards of wheel bearing grease products.
The working conditions and road conditions in the plateau are more complicated. At present, this technology level has not been reached in China! It is impossible to simulate and calculate the temperature field of the wheel bearing of the transport vehicle!
So estimate the actual temperature change of the wheel bearing under normal driving conditions of Sichuan-Tibet Plateau!
In the actual driving process, the wheel hub of the vehicle is cooled by artificial intermittent water spraying! The bearing leakage test phenomenon and other factors are comprehensively considered.
Experts have proposed automotive grease standards and specifications as civilian automotive grease standards! Complying products can be applied to the lubrication of light and heavy load wheel bearings, vehicle chassis and universal joints. The development of future transport vehicles will inevitably be heavy-duty, Speeding up. Existing test methods for grease bearing leakage cannot fully meet the new requirements, and the technical content of this method should be considered to be improved and revised!

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