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Bearing industry application field is very broad

Bearing industry application field is very broad, it can be said that as long as the machinery involved in the industry, or as long as there is spinning industry, you will always find the bearing.

In one of the bearing is a special kind of bearing, it is a type of the industry or product customized specifically for special-shaped bearing, we referred to them as special bearings.

Special bearing may not be as common as ordinary bearings, but if we left it, literally, the earth will stop running, this shows the importance of it.

Special bearing classification is very wide, can say out each bearing type, as long as don't plain bearing, can be called special bearings.

Now we common special bearing are: automatic self-aligning ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, single row bearing, one-way motion bearings, needle roller bearings, etc., these are only the simple classification of some common features to sum up, want to go back to the following segment, is not a few lines can tell clearly.

Their main application fields in the machinery manufacturing and maintenance, transportation industry, iron and steel industry, wind power, new energy) etc, these are the important industry of our country.

We say the bearing industry to drive the development of China's economy, life and not too much, so my company has been trying to use science to bearing industry innovation development.

My company is now in the bearing industry especially special bearing industry has a certain accomplishment, technical level and follow the footsteps of the world, great contribution for the Chinese bearing industry. I

Are satisfied with the achievements can only say that we now, but we do not pride, and we will be modest learning reform, strive for greater success, for the Chinese bearing industry in the world stop, in a little more.


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