Precision bearing damage needs to pay attention

Introduce precision bearing damage needs to pay attention to prevent rust, inadequate lubrication, current and other reasons
Bearing damage caused by many reasons, such as improper installation, filth from invading as well or water intrusion is a common cause of many imported bearing early damage.Not all import bearing damage can be repaired, but for each damage of imported bearings before you consider to repair or replace new bearing, must be the reason and degree of damage assessment in order to avoid or reduce the damage once again.Here are some larger import bearings and the corresponding analysis of the causes of the common damage prevention measures can extend the service life of imported bearings.
A. improper installation, operation, or remove the bracket will be may cause deformation or defect
Precautions: use the suitable operation, installation and removal tools
B. insufficient lubrication, lubrication inadequate or inappropriate may cause components abrasion or severe deformation of the bearing
Preventive measures: improve the lubrication system and the right timing to supplement or replace the lubricant.
C. the rust and corrosion
Contact with water may lead to shaft components erosion and rust.After corrosion damage of bearing can lead to spalling at work
Prevention measures, regularly check the sealing, to ensure good sealing effect, correct storage bearing
D. current
Imported bearing rotates the electricity may result in a groove or notch.Bearing static, electrical grounding improper operation will lead to a slight burn prevention measures, outside of bearing parts through proper grounding connection reduce avoid before welding current through bearings
E. external material
Wear and tear "makings pollution and debris intrusion can lead to bearing face wear and scratches and dents
Preventive measures to remove intrusive makings and debris, replacement of lubricants, check the sealing system
F. eccentric
Eccentricity, inclination, or excessive load may result in geometrical stress concentration or surface spalling

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