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Bearing production technology in constantly developing

Bearing production technology is in constant developing

Now, with the continuous development of society, bearing production technology is in constant development, bearing now with the improving of the technology of production, all kinds of high quality bearing technology began to emerge.

Bearing in the assembly shop or on the production line of high mechanized degree, oil, bearing also automatically packaging process generally, bearing has good quality, high production efficiency. In production conditions of medium and small batch assembly shop is small, has realized the mechanization process of cleaning and oil bearing. But in conditions of poor small batch production plants and some small plant, oil, packaging is still in the stage of manual labor.

After inspection, the bearing inner ring, outer cabinet, rolling element and cage, are assembled into the bearing assembly workshop. No sealed bearing assembly production of the main process is as follows:

Bearing parts demagnetization, cleaning, within a foreign raceway size and rolling element bearing diameter size groups choose don't be a match a set of assembly maintains finished goods inspection a demagnetization, cleaning oil, packaging, shipping department.

Bearing at the end of the inspection department is a very important working procedure, because if the final production come out, but not a good test to bearing the problems.

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